24 December 2011


A special Christmas celebration, as well as the grand debut song for World Voice Ensemble!!! Please enjoy it with your heart, as we celebrate this Happy Day!


(Bells of Miracles - Theatrical Version)

COMPOSER: Kouhei Tanaka
TAKEN FROM: Sakura Taisen Katsudou Shashin (Sakura Wars the Movie)
COPYRIGHT PROPERTIES: Avex/Wavemaster Entertainment, SEGA, RED Entertainment
Music, lyrics, as well as various materials (images, clips, etc) used in this video are copyright properties of their respectful owner, we do not own them and it is hereby used not for any profit purposes. Vocals are copyright properties of the singers involved in this project.

(listed in alphabetical order)

"Hi! Hope you like this song! When Furederiko asked me to participate, I accepted immediately! Nee… recording this song was very funny, and I really enjoyed singing it… I’m so glad to work with talented people around the world! It’s fantastic to see how far the music can go… Minna! Merry Christmas!"
~Begoña a.k.a. Mizuiro Voice (Madrid, Spain)

"From the very first time I heard this song, I immediately thought that it had in itself the atmosphere of the festivities. Sing it in chorus together conveys the idea of serenity, joy and love, especially if you do it with friends who are far away. Thank you all for this wonderful experience. I wish to all of you to experience the same joy that we felt singing this song."
~ Emanuela Manca a.k.a. Hikari (Alghero, Italy)

"Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, so I was super excited to be a part of such an amazing group of singers for Christmas! My computer can sometimes be a bit unreliable, and it's been giving me problems during recording time.. But I always try to do my very best in projects like this, and I really hope to participate in more soon! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. :D"
~Emily Maxwell a.k.a. Emii (Oklahoma, USA)

"Music unites people! No matter how they are separated by distance or differed by the many differences of the world. With music, we speak the same message of love and humanity, conveying a unity of hearts and thoughts. It's truly an honor, and a majestic experience for me to be able to work with these awesome talents throughout the world. A dream come true, a Christmas list granted! Hope our song reaches your heart, and rings the Bells of Miracles for you as well... Merry Xmas! God Bless (^o^)/"
~Frederic C. Bokau a.k.a. Furede Riko (Bandung, Indonesia)

Although it's my first time participating in a group collaboration on youtube, but I found this a very fun and interesting experience to be able to attempt to sing a different genre. I also wish to be able to work with Frederic again in the future! Merry Christmas Everybody!!
~Jerry Alexia Ng a.k.a. Hiroki Tsuchida of the Toyol Brothers 
(Singapore, Singapore)


Hope you enjoy our work, and with this we would also like to wish you all:


Keep on spreading the love of music throughout the world!
Look forward for more from WVE-Project! Till we meet again in 2012! (^^)/

Additional Credits:
  • Character Design and video animation by FCB-Comics (Copyright 2011) 
  • Sound mixing and editing by FCB-Musics
  • Background images on video are FREE Christmas Wallpaper from various sources in the internet (special thanks to Uncle Google)
  • Various animation clips used in the video are taken from Neo's Clip Archive
  • Angel images are taken and altered from the cover of "Pewter Angles - Book One" by Henry K. Ripplinger

20 December 2011


Welcome to the official blog of WORLD VOICE ENSEMBLE!!

Music unites people from various nations, races, cultures, ages, and beliefs... The WORLD VOICE ENSEMBLE, or the WVE-Project is a special collaboration unit that will consist of multi-talented people from various countries, who comes from different areas of life, and speaks various language of the world. In this project, we united our hearts to deliver message to the world about harmony, unity, peace, love, and humanity... all in the universal language of music! We sang in the harmony of differences through notes and melody! \(^u^)/

Today on a special date, the 20-12-2011, this blog is official! We wishes for you to participate, subscribe, and support this project through your warm spirit, heartfelt enthusiasm, as well as other means available. Please look forward for our debut project, coming this Christmas!

Till then, have a nice day! Peace to the world!

Copyright 2011 World Voice Ensemble . All rights reserved.

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